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  Katie Webster.  
  Det här är verkligen en dam med "saft i köttet" om man säger så !  

  Jag glömmer aldrig första gången jag hörde henne spela,,, vilket Boogiedrag ! Vilken känsla hon hade !
Det svängde så man rööös i hela kroppen,,, ena minuten lirade hon världens svängigaste
"Honkey-Tonkboogie" med ett driv som inte var av denna världen,,, för att i nästa låt lira den mest känslosamma blues man hört på länge. Hon har ju den alldeles utsökt goda smaken att mixa vilt från
både Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Rythm "n" Blues, Jazz, Soul, Cajun och Gospel.
Mer "Goodtimefeeling" än så här är det ju hart när omöjligt att skapa. Suveränt helt enkelt.

Jag lovar,,, ingen normal människa klarar av att sitta still till låtar som,,, Lord I Wonder,
  Black Satin,
Two-Fisted Mama, C.Q. Boogie och The Katie Lee,,, mfl.
Om inte detta är BoogieWoogie,,, Ja då vet min själ inte jag !!!

Med andra ord så kan jag inte annat än att rekommendera mycket snara inköp av en eller flera av
hennes helt suveräna och jättesvängiga skivor.

Vill du veta mer om Katie Webster så finns det längre ner på sidan en avdelning med lite Biografi, Skivfakta, "Liner Notes" mm.
(visserligen på engelska,,, men det skall väl gå bra i alla fall hoppas jag)

Tragiskt nog gick Katie Webster bort den 9:e September 1999 bara 63 år ung, men hennes svängiga
pianospel, härliga röst och humorfyllda texter kommer att förgylla tillvaron under många år framöver,,,
The Swamp Boogie Queen. 1988 Two Fisted Mama. 1989

Who´s Making Love**¤@
Sea Of Love
Black Satin
After You Get Rid Of Me
Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa(Sad Song)
Try A Little Tenderness
Hold On To What You Got
Somebody´s On Yor Case
On The Run*#
Lord, I Wonder

Dom som lirar så bra:
Katie Webster: Piano, Organ, Sång
Andrew Jones: Guitar
Russel Jackson: Bass
Tony Coleman: Trummor
Robert Cray: Guitar@
Kim Wilson: Munspel# Sång¤
Bonnie Raitt: Guitar* Sång**
The Memphis Horns: W.Jackson, A.Love

Two-Fisted Mama
Stood Up Again
Red Negligee
C.Q. Boogie
Never Let Me Go
Love DeLuxe
Pussycat Moan
Money Honey Or Honey Hush
I´m Still Leaving You
The Katie Lee
So Far Away

Katie Webster: Piano, Organ, Sång.
Vasti Jackson: Guitar (sång på Love DeLuxe)
Gus Thornton: Bass
Gerald Warren: Trummor
The Memphis Horns: W.Jackson, A.Love
No Foolin. 1991 Deluxe Edition. 1999 Samlingsplatta.
A Little Meat On The Side (James)
I'm Bad (Webster & Jackson)
No Deposit, No Return (Jackson)
Zydeco Shoes And California Blues (Webster)
Too Much Sugar Forr A Dime (Jackson)
Hard Lovin' Mama (Newsome)
It's Mighty Hard (Cleveland)
Tangled In Your Web
Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
Mama Cat Cuttin' No Slack
(Webster & Jackson)

KATIE WEBSTER, Vocals, Piano &Organ

With special guests:
Vocal and Guitar on "Those Lonely,Lonely Nights"

Accordion on "Zydeco Shoes AndCalifornia Blues"

Horns arranged by VASTI JACKSON:


Recitation on "Mama Cat Cuttin' NoSlack"

Background vocals on"No Deposit, No Return"

Rubboard on "Zydeco Shoes AndCalifornia Blues"

Produced by:

Recorded and mixed at:

1. Two Fisted Mama (Webster & Iglauer)
(from Two Fisted Mama)
2. Who's Makin Love?
(from The Swamp boogie Queen)
3. I'm Bad (Webster & Jackson)
(from No Foolin'!)
4. C. Q. Boogie (Webster)
(from Two Fisted Mama!)
5. It's Mighty Hard (Cleveland)
(from No Foolin'!)
6. Love Deluxe (Pomus & Rebennack)
(from Two Fisted Mama! )
7. Sea Of Love (Batise & Khoury)
(from The Swamp Boogie Queen)
8. A Little Meat On The Side (James)
(from No Foolin'!)
9. Try A Little Tenderness
(from The Swamp Boogie Queen)
10. I'm Still Leaving You (Miller)
(from Two Fisted Mama!)
11. Whoo-Wee Sweet Daddy (Miller)
(from The Swamp Boogie Queen)
12. On The Run (Webster)
(from The Swamp Boogie Queen)
13. Hallelujah, I Just Love Him So (Charles)
(previously unreleased)
14. The Love You Save May Be Your Own (Tex)
(previously unreleased)

Katie Webster, vocal, piano and organ

Kim Wilson (2), Vasti Jackson (6)
Vasti Jackson (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11),
Robert Cray (2),
Bonnie Raitt (13),
Anson Funderburgh (12)
Kim Wilson (13)
Gus Thornton (1, 4, 6, 10, 11),
Raphael Semmes (3, 5, 8)
Gerald Warren (1, 4, 6, 10, 11),
Morris Jennings (3, 5, 8)
Silent Partners: (2, 7, 9, 13, 15)
Andrew Jones, Guitar
Russell Jackson, Bass
Tony Coleman, Drums
The Paladins: (12)
Dave Gonzales, Guitar
Thomas Yearsley, Bass
Scott Campbell, Drums
Saxophone: Joe Sublett (12)
The Memphis Horns: (2, 6, 9)
Wayne Jackson, Trumpet and Trombone
Andrew Love, Tenor Sax
The Many Faces. 19?? (samlingsplatta)
Real gone guy
Basin street blues
Slowly I'm falling
Sitting in my La La
I feel so low
Katie Lee
I can't give you anything but love
Precious lord
I am walking/Whole lotta loving
Drift away
Lord, I wonder
You Can Dig It. 19?? (Tidiga låtar)
Secret Of Love
Shed So Many Tears
Don't Drive Me Deeper
Tuttie Fruttie
Blueberry Hill
Good Golly Miss Molly
Ain't That A Shame
Vally Of Tears
Blue Monday
  Live & Well
Liveplatta jag hört talas om,,, har den ej, och har inte heller lyckats hitta något omslag
på webben ännu, men att döma av låtvalet så bör den införskaffas snarast möjligt !!!

1. Shake,rattle and roll
2. Katie's worried blues
3. Oh wee,sweet Daddy
4. Night time is the right time
5. Loving arms
6. Ev'rybody likes to Rock 'n Roll
7. Satisfaction
8. You're so fine
9. That's the Katie Lee
10. Boogie Texas queen
11. You'll lose a good thing
12. Mother-in-law
13. Goin' home tomorrow
14. Reach out and touch
  Lite mer allmänna skivfakta: (plus lite hyllningar)  
AL 4766
The Queen is crowned, and Robert Cray, Kim Wilson, Anson Funderburgh and other friends
attend the coronation!

Includes Somebody's On Your Case (duet with Bonnie Raitt), Black Satin, and more.

AL 4777
Katie returns with Vasti Jackson and The Memphis Horns.
"One saucy pianist-vocalist who knows how to dish it out."ROLLING STONE".
Includes Red Negligee, Pussycat Moan, more

AL 4803
A fiery dose of barrelhouse bravado...Upbeat, downhome energy."CD REVIEW".
C. J. Chenier guests. Includes Those Lonely, Lonely Nights (with Lonnie Brooks), I'm Bad, more.

AL 107/8 (double CD)
Live Two Fisted Mama, Pussycat Moan, Lord, I Wonder and Those Lonely, Lonely Nights,
plus great performances by Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, and more.

XMAS 9201
Katie Decks The Halls With Boogie Woogie on this holiday offering!
" ideal stocking filler."BLUES & RHYTHM".

Also features Charles Brown, "Gatemouth" Brown, 11 more.


"Pure sonic dynamite."

"She's that rare commodity in blues: a boogie-woogie piano virtuoso in a male-and guitar dominated field."

"Rock steady piano playing... a gutsy, soaring voice and sassy lovers' tidings, put across with a stomp and a hip shake.

Her voice is a meaty one, full of blue, gospelly turns and note bends."

"Rollicking and energetic barrelhouse piano playing...passionate, gospel-style vocals....

A musician who could be counted on to provide just the right backing for any style, be it blues, rock n' roll,
soul, country & western, cajun or zydeco.

Born Kathryn Jewel Thorne on January 11, 1936 in Houston, Texas, Webster first learned piano as a child. Her deeply religious parents strictly warned her to play only gospel and classical music, going so far as to keep the piano under lock and key so Katie could only play while being supervised. But Webster loved the blues, rock and r&b she heard on an old Philco radio hidden under the bed covers late at night, and would play her secular music at every opportunity. While still a teenager, Webster moved to South Louisiana when her parents relocated to California. She lived with less rigid relatives who allowed her to play the music she loved. By the age of 15 Webster was one of the most requested studio musicians in the region. Both Jay Miller of Excello Records and Eddie Shuler of Goldband Records used her on hundreds recordings in the 1950s and 1960s, including sides with Guitar Junior (Lonnie Brooks), Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lightnin' Slim, and Clifton Chenier. In 1964, a young Otis Redding caught Webster's set with her band the Uptighters in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and demanded she join his touring band the very next day.

Webster toured the country with Redding, and can be heard on his LIVE AT THE WHISKEY A-GO-GO album. Unable to join Redding on tour in 1967 because she was pregnant, Webster was not on the plane that took Redding's life. Devastated by his death, she kept a very low profile until the early 1980s, when she made her debut tour of Europe. European audiences couldn't get enough of Webster, and she returned over 30 times. During the 1980s, Webster began to win over her American audience at numerous high profile festival gigs, including the Chicago Blues Festival, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The Boulder Blues Festival, The Newport Folk Festival, The San Francisco Blues Festival and many others. "She can floor the timid listener," raved the Boston Globe. "Webster can say more about the pain of betrayal with one low, sad growl, and more about the joy of fighting back against cruel life with one teasing roll of her eyes, than most could write in a book."

In 1988, Webster teamed up with Alligator Records and went from a cult blues legend to internationally recognized phenomenon. She received accolades from a host of publications, including "Rolling Stone" and "Keyboard." She was nominated for three W.C. Handy Awards (the Grammy of the blues community) and, in March of 1989, performed for the first time on national television on NBC's "Sunday Night" program hosted by David Sanborn. In 1992, Webster joined lablemates Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, Elvin Bishop and Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials on a cross-country tour celebrating Alligator's 20th Anniversary. THE ALLIGATOR RECORDS 2OTH ANNIVERSARY TOUR album documented the proceedings, as did the Bob Mugge documentary, "Pride And Joy: The Story Of Alligator Records."

In 1993, Webster was felled by a stroke while touring in Greece, and lost some of the use of her left hand and almost all of her eyesight. But her magnificent voice and wonderful right hand, not to mention her inimitable spirit, kept her going strong. She continued to appear at selected festivals. Even though her health wouldn't support extended touring, her final performances were filled with the same boogie-woogie drive and spirit that originally earned Katie Webster the title Swamp Boogie Queen.

At the time of her death on September 9, 1999 at the age of 63, Katie Webster was acknowledged as the one of the premier blues artists of her generation. Webster's sassy and sensous blend of barrelhouse boogie-woogie, New Orleans R&B, Gulf Coast swamp-pop, deep bayou blues and Southern gospel-flavored soul placed her among the most in-demand blues artists in the country and made her a favorite at festivals and concert halls all over the world. As a teen, Webster was already hailed as South Louisiana's reigning piano queen. She recorded on more than 500 singles during the 1950s and 1960s. She joined Otis Redding's touring band in 1965 and enjoyed a successful solo career in the 1980s, releasing albums on Arhoolie and a number of European labels. She signed with Alligator Records in 1988, cutting three albums for the label: 1988's SWAMP BOOGIE QUEEN (with guests Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray), 1989's TWO FISTED MAMA!, and 1991's NO FOOLIN'. In February 1999, Alligator released DELUXE EDITION, a collection of Webster's greatest recorded performances from her years with the label.


A piano-pounding institution on the southern Louisiana swamp blues scene during the late '50s and early '60s, Katie Webster later grabbed a long-deserved share of national recognition with three recent Alligator albums before a 1993 stroke temporarily shelved her.
Poor Kathryn Thorne had to deal with deeply religious parents that did everything in their power to stop their daughter from playing R&B. But the rocking sounds of Fats Domino and Little Richard were simply too persuasive. Local guitarist Ashton Savoy took her under his wing, sharing her 1958 debut 45 for the Kry logo ("Baby Baby").

Webster rapidly became an invaluable studio sessioneer for Louisiana producers J.D. Miller in Crowley and Eddie Shuler in Lake Charles. She played on sides by Guitar Junior (Lonnie Brooks), Clarence Garlow, Jimmy Wilson, Lazy Lester, and Phil Phillips (her gently rolling 88s powered his hit "Sea of Love").

The young pianist also waxed some terrific sides of her own for Miller from 1959 to 1961 for his Rocko, Action, and Spot labels (where she introduced a dance called "The Katie Lee"). Webster led her own band, the Uptighters, at the same time she was spending her days in the studio. In 1964, she guested with Otis Redding's band at the Bamboo Club in Lake Charles and so impressed the charismatic Redding that he absconded with her. For the next three years, Webster served as his opening act!

The 1970s were pretty much a lost decade for Katie Webster as she took care of her ailing parents in Oakland, CA. But in 1982 a European tour beckoned, and she journeyed overseas for the first of many such jaunts. The Alligator connection commenced in 1988 with some high-profile help: Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, and Kim Wilson all made guest appearances on The Swamp Boogie Queen. The lovably extroverted boogie pianist encored with Two-Fisted Mama! and No Foolin' before suffering the stroke.

-- Bill Dahl, All-Music Guide


KATIE WEBSTER is what she's called, but Katie Webster is more than a Louisiana bayou piano player. She's a mistress of blues, boogie woogie, soul and ballads; a singer with a deeply gospel-influenced style and a songwriter of blues classics full of down-home wisdom.
Her roots are in the gospel music that her preacher father and religious mother insisted that she play while growing up in Houston. But in the '50s, the sounds of blues, R&B and early rock 'n' roll were inescapable. When her parents were away, the young Katie was playing "the Devil's music," pounding out blues and boogies, developing a rock-solid left hand and a romping right

By the time she was a teenager, Katie had won a coveted position as the piano player on almost every important blues and proto-rock record that came out of the studios of Southwest Louisiana. She sparked the records of Clifton Chenier, Slim Harpo, Lightnin' Slim, Phil Phillips (the original "Sea Of Love") and her future labelmate Lonnie Brooks, then known as Guitar Junior.
By the early '60s, Katie was headlining the Bamboo Club in Lake Charles, packing the club with her vast repertoire of everything from the most traditional blues to current R&B hits. It was there that she was spotted by Otis Redding, who insisted that she join his road band the very next day. Otis became one of her dearest friends. It was only because of Katie's advanced pregnancy that she didn't accompany Otis on his final, fatal tour. But Redding's death was such an emotional blow to her that she retired from music and moved to the Bay Area to take care of her ailing parents.

After almost a decade, she was coaxed out of retirement to tour Europe as a soloist, where she became a sensation. She returned to Europe nearly 30 times in the next few years, cutting albums for a number of small labels.
Katie's manager, the equally flamboyant Ice Cube Slim, teamed Katie with Alligator Records, and she came to Chicago for the last three records of her career. For the "Swamp Boogie Queen" sessions she brought the Silent Partners. On "Two Fisted Mama," she teamed with guitarist/arranger/songwriter Vasti Jackson, who became her close friend and bandleader. Together they stormed the blues festival and club circuit, winning Katie a whole new generation of
American fans.


Katie Webster sings the kind of songs more often associated with male blues singers than with women. With a few exceptions (Koko Taylor and Denise LaSalle come tomind), there is an edge to the music she chooses, an edge that a lot of women don't have. Her songs will never be confused with that plaintive wailing of a woman who's been hurt and left by her man. Katie sings, "I need love and I need affection, or I'll find all my good things in the wrong direction."

I saw Katie at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans last year. She not only was playing one of the early shows, before the crowds had started to build, but the night before she had just returned from a month of one-nighters in Europe. Jet lag was her close companion. Yet, when she sat down at the piano, all of that fatigue just melted away before her two-fisted piano and what I call her "No foolin'style of singing. In her own song on this new offering, I'm Bad, Katie sings, "I'm bad and the who world knows I'm bad. And I don't mean like Michael Jackson either."

That Saturday in New Orleans, Katie Webster set the tone for theJazz Fest. Those early birds who caught her performance had somethingto talk about for the rest of the day. Put simply, Katie Webster's bad!

- Ed Bradley


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